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About Me

I began taking photographs in 2007 after a lucky combination of driving the backroads of montana,  having a film camera in the truck, then comimg upon an  abandoned cabin just as it began to snow. When I developed that particular photo later - I was hooked - on photography, on the idea of capturing simple things, of suspending a moment in time.


I spent many years as a primatologist working with great apes, gorillas in particular. Much of that work involved observing the subtle and quietly changing dynamics within a troop. I think photography is just another way of doing behavioral observations - taking in the world, gettng lost in the moment.


There is so much beauty in this magical place we call earth. I am constantly bowled over by the grace in nature and in man's ability to create inspiration through art and architecture.  I hope my camera can bear witness  - to a father holding a young son's hand whilst walking in the mountains of montana, to drops of rain on the petals of a flower in a small village in Scotland, to a coyote hunting in yellwostone national park, completly oblvious to all around but the immediate task at hand - catching dinner.   

I hope you enjoy and that for a moment you get lost, beth


Contact info:

cell: 614 506 7368


Portrait of me - by Emma Parker Photography


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